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How will I be able to send to everyone in my network, when nobody can receive more than 14 messages per week?

If you are familiar with the term 'infinitely wide matrix,' then knowing that is one should answer your question. If not, or if you need more clarification, please read on...

This is a tricky thing to explain over the Internet (if we were having lunch together and I had a pen and some paper, it would be much easier). It is possible to do over the 'net though, so here goes...

Let's imagine a scenario:

A refers B, C, and D.


B refers E, F, G
C refers H, I, J
D refers K, L, M


E refers N, O, P
F refers Q R S
G refers T U V


N refers W X Y, and Z.

Now, A has 25 people below him, so A can message all 25.

Let's take person Z, who's at the bottom though. Who can send to Z? Well, N can, becaue N directly referred Z. Also, E can, because E referred N. Also, B can, and then also, A.

So, only 4 people can email Z, even though it appears that there are so many people "above" him. C cannot email Z, for example.

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